Highlights of Google I/O 2018: Android P, New Google Voice.

sundar pichai i/o 2018

Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai host Google’s annual developer conference every year where Google announced its products. In Google I/O 2018, Google CEO Sunder Pichai announced upcoming Android Mobile OS, Android P or Android 9.0, improve Google assistance, improve Google map, powerful  Google photos and more. All products are comes with AI features. Here are top highlights of Google’s I/O 2018…


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Android P or Android 9.0

Android next OS Android P or Android 9.0 based on iPhone X like gestures control, there is no more button on the screen. It’s got a refreshed look. The all New ‘Adaptive Battery’ feature, which will figure out which apps one will use in the next few hours, which apps one will not use. 30% reduction in CPU app wakeups with this new feature. ‘Adaptive Brightness’ will learn how you like to set the display brightness, and the phone will adapt to a user’s preferences.google-io-2018, android p

New Google Assistant voices

Google voice assistant now getting better and smarter. Google has improved its language understanding capability, so you can talk to Google assistance more naturally. Google added six new voice in Google assistance. User will pick from these six voices, and main highlight is John Legend voice is also coming to assistance later this year.

google-i-o-2018-new voice
Google Assistant is also getting a new ‘Continued Conversation’ feature without having to repeat ‘Hey Google’. Google Assistant will also have a new ‘Multiple Actions’ feature, where users will be able to give more than one request at the same time.

Google Duplex

Sundar Pichai played a recording of Google Assistant calling a hair salon and taking an appointment. Between these whole conversation it’s look like two humans talking to each other. all thanks to AI.

Google Lens

Google Lens can copy text from the real world into your phone. You’ll be able to point your phone’s camera at text in the real world and copy right from the apps. Google is also introducing a new “style match” feature that will scan something the camera is pointed at and get reviews and price details on it.google lensgoogle lens

Google maps

Google is adding new Visual Positioning System for walking navigation with the camera. It will use the camera to show the exactly where they are and figure out where they are. Google Lens will also be supported in the camera.google_maps

Google Gmail apps

Google’s Gmail will get a new Smart Compose feature. Smart Compose uses AI “to help you draft emails from scratch, faster.” It will take care of sentences, address, etc while typing a mail. Google Photos will also get a new smart action features. It will be able to recognise documents and convert them to PDFs immediately. Google is also announces TPU 3.0. which are powerful chip according to the company, Google says it has introduced liquid cooling in their data centres.smart gmail

Google Photos

Google Photos now use AI to detect the subject of the photo and make the background black and white and reproduced colors in a photos, originally that was black and white. you can also edit the photos with the help of AI.google photos demo


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